50,000 ‘JESUS’ DVDs to be sent to shaken Japan

By March 23, 2011

Japan (MNN) — Many aid workers have already recognized the high need for spiritual guidance in post-disaster Japan.

Teams of Japanese Campus Crusade for Christ staff, volunteers, and students are already at work delivering aid, food, comfort and hope. In the midst of their work, they have seen the need for spiritual assistance as well, even in a country traditionally apathetic to the Gospel. They see this tragedy as an unprecedented opportunity to bring eternal hope to many suffering people.

Many ministries will work on this long-term, but JESUS Film Project is ramping up to get involved right away. Campus Crusade team members have requested the immediate delivery of 50,000 DVDs of the "JESUS" film in Japanese, as well as other media tools. They plan to distribute the "JESUS" DVDs alongside humanitarian aid.

With hundreds of thousands of people at their whit's end in Japan, they may never before have felt the need for a Savior. JESUS Film Project could play a key role in delivering the message of hope that comes in their only Savior, Jesus Christ.

In the 2004 Great Tsunami in South Asia, thousands of shaken people sought the Lord and found Him after watching the "JESUS" film. Throughout the film's history, more than 200 million people have said "yes" to Christ directly after watching it.

"JESUS" is based solely on the Bible, and the character of Jesus in the movie speaks only the Word of God.

Pray that as disaster victims receive the DVDs, they would watch them and find hope in Christ. Pray that the Lord would use this gargantuan trial to build His kingdom.

JESUS Film Project needs your help to ship 50,000 DVDs now, and others in the future. Click here to help, or call 1-800-918-9929.



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