A children’s outreach in Nicaragua lays the foundation for change.

By December 14, 2005

Nicaragua (MNN)–The Bible made it into the public schools–but it’s not what you might think.

Bible Pathway Ministries’ Karen Hawkins says even though God isn’t welcome in the American schools, He is welcome elsewhere, and they’re taking full advantage of that.

Their Nicaragua team did a distribution in the public schools this year. They shared the hope of Christ with eight thousand students, and what happened next, Hawkins says, no one could have guessed. “Out of that eight thousand children, 6474 accepted the Lord this school year.” Overcome with emotion, she paused, then added, “Can you imagine what an awesome thing that is? Next year, they have the opportunity to go to 24,000 children.”

But they’re going to need help resourcing the children with the Scriptures. Because this year’s distribution was so well-accepted, their partner ran out of materials.

Now that there are plans to triple the scope of the ministry, they are confronted with another obstacle. They absolutely must raise the funds needed to resource the children.

Hawkins explains why it’s so important. “Can you imagine what’s going to happen if these children grow up in the Christian faith, how it’s going to change their city? A country is not going to be changed unless the people’s hearts change. You start with these children, and you bring them up in the faith, and you are going to mold what’s going to happen in the country.”

If you want to help, contact Bible Pathway Ministries.

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