A Christian development group moves to bring dignity to a Jamaican slum.

By April 28, 2004

Jamaica (MNN)–“Ellerslie Pen” is a slum located behind the Food For The Poor Warehouse in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

It’s a poverty-stricken community marked by crumbling shacks, filth and hopelessness. Sixty percent of the population is under the age of 20 and 40% of the households are headed by single mothers.

Many of the 5,000 residents have little education and are stuck in a cycle of severe poverty and violence. Food For The Poor’s Angel Aloma says they’ve committed to a redevelopment project there.

He describes the new dignity he observed during a recent visit. “In the new homes, there were beautiful little gardens around them. They had planted all kinds of little plants, and trees and flowers around it. They take a tremendous amount of pride, but what is most inspiring about the whole thing, that at the end of the visit, the residents of the community asked if we could stand in a circle and pray with them.”

Aloma says the act of help, coupled with the Gospel is changing the face of sorrow. “This community that has been known in the past for strife and violence has become a God-fearing community. That is such a joy for me and for Food For The Poor, and such a victory for Christ.”

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