A Christian resource shipment this month heads to Uganda in a groundbreaking move.

By December 28, 2005

Uganda (MNN)–Your books are overdue…for a public library in another country…and this month, it’s a shipment to Africa.

Christian Resources International’s Fred Palmerton says Korean missionary Paul Kim works in Uganda. His sending organization is one of the most active in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and the Congo.

Kim proposed a public library to government officials in Uganda, and got enthusiastic response. From there, he contacted CRI and asked for enough resources to start not a church library, but a public one.

Palmerton says, “There’s no library in Kampala. I think that’s the most unusual thing, a city of that size, and they don’t have a public library. So, it’s a first. I expect people will swarm to those bookshelves.”

The container goes out this week. Palmerton says they’re looking for funds to help offset the shipping costs of sending an entire library’s worth of books.

Palmerton says because they only have Christian literature and evangelistic materials, that the natural outgrowth is new outreach. “Part of what they can pick up and read is going to be about Jesus. Pray that this container will arrive in a timely, safe manner–that all materials will reach their final destination without interference.”

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