A medical clinic can open doors for ministry in Mexico.

By May 15, 2006

Mexico (MNN)–Guaymas is a large city faced with the twin scourges of poverty, little economic opportunity and hopelessness. That also means that the city’s residents grapple with all of the problems that go along with chronic poverty.

There is a unified Christian community working to not only identify the needs, but also answer as many as possible. For those who reside inside the main population center, that’s a great help. But for those in rural villages, the difficulty mounts exponentially.

That’s where the work of independent missionaries Jesse and Jenny Navarro comes in. Aside from meeting spiritual and physical needs of the poor in the Guaymas community, it has long been a dream of Jesse’s to build a medical clinic that will be staffed by short-term medical missionaries.

Today, the lower portion of the facility is nearly complete. Four apartments upstairs will house the short-term teams. He hopes to have the clinic fully-operational in six months.

“We’re going to have three chairs in there”, he explains, adding that the dental chairs were an answer to prayer. He says once word got out what they were looking for, the equipment showed up on their porch.

A Canadian team adopted the project and has been largely responsible for the construction of the facility. It’s big enough, Jesse adds, to house more than one aspect of medicine. “That includes a medical team on one side and the dental will be on the other side; also looking to put an X-ray machine in there. It’ll be given to people with lower resources. They don’t have any money to go see a doctor.”

The first medical team is slated for arrival in January. There are also plans in the works to partner with an eye ministry to provide used eyeglasses and exams.

It’s a great opportunity to share the Gospel with their patients, he says, because through partnerships with groups like Christian Resources International, the teams are acting as the hands and feet of Christ as they serve. They’re now looking for both supplies and for medical teams.

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