No passports or visas needed for these missionaries

By May 15, 2006

India (MNN) — Serving in the most difficult and unreached parts of India, Bibles for the World missionaries are spreading the Gospel and shining the light of God’s love in dark places.

But these missionaries need no passport or visa; they’re nationals who simply move from Northeast India to another part of their country. Many of the Northeastern Indian believers in a thriving third-generation church, recognize that it’s their turn to pass the torch and take the gospel to the regions beyond where people who’ve never heard the gospel.

Through working in schools, hospitals and planting churches, these national missionaries are faithfully and effectively serving Christ. Bibles for the World is looking for people who would be willing to help advance the work through sponsoring these faithful national missionaries.

Sponsors have helped plant many Indian churches by partnering with Indian national missionaries. There are many faithful and effective national missionaries who need partners to stand with them in prayer and finances.

Bibles for the World also needs people to sponsor children and seminary students.

To support a national missionary, call Bibles for the World at (888) 382-4253; extension 2109, Monday – Friday between 8 AM and 4:30 PM MST

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