A ministry uses photography to help kids share their perspective of Lebanon

By November 21, 2011

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon is home to more than half a million
refugees from Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, and dozens of other countries. 

These refugees face challenges and discrimination that make their
lives a constant struggle. With increasing tensions in the region, there
are concerns that the situation could
quickly spiral into public demonstrations and violence on the streets.

The work of Kids Alive International in Lebanon continues, despite the
challenges and the latest concerns about unrest. The school and various Children's Homes remain committed to care for the children and meet their needs.

ministry provides care to more than 150 children in Lebanon. In addition to
Lebanese orphans, they provide critical support to children from 12 other
nationalities. They're developing their
work with refugees and other vulnerable children over the coming year.

the outreach arms is Dar El Awlad School, which takes students from kindergarten
through sixth grade, both for residential children and as well as for the poor
children in the local community. It has
eight classrooms, a library, and an outdoor playground area.

class has a maximum of ten students, so they each receive plenty of help, care,
and attention, while children with learning disabilities are provided
one-on-one instruction. The walls of Dar El Awlad School are painted bright
colors, which is unusual for a Lebanese school.

school is closely linked to their technology center where children are taught a
range of practical skills such as woodworking and mechanics. The
school also provides an outlet for artistic creativity. 

The Dar el Awlad Photography Club (Class 2) is a group of six
residents at a Maytam (children's home) in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon. The
children in the club represent a slice of the diversity in Lebanon:
Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese.

The club just launched a new photography project. The project and Web site give the children a
chance to express themselves creatively, to share their voices in what they see
daily as a child in Lebanon.

This year, six boys representing three nationalities, from grade 3 to grade 7,
are participating. Each child has a photo gallery page displaying
the photos they've taken and will also participate on the blog, offering their
thoughts and comments on the creative process.

If everything goes well, the final project will be an exhibition at
Dar el Awlad sometime in May, showcasing the best photos these talented
children have taken.

The images allow the children to
process what's happening in their world and share their perspective in a forum
where people stop to listen.

Pray for peace in Lebanon. Pray for the children, staff, and
missionaries, that they would remain safe. God's hand is at work in the
children's lives, so pray that they would know His peace in their hearts, at
all times and in all circumstances.

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