A ministry’s top outreach program ‘celebrates recovery.’

By August 11, 2005

USA (MNN)–Since 1991, over six thousand people have gone through the program ‘Celebrate Recovery’ at one local church.

According to Purpose Driven Ministries, the global outreach of Saddleback Church, it’s become their main outreach program.

‘Celebrate Recovery’ is a ministry based on God’s Word, making it different from secular recovery programs. Secular recovery programs are based on a particular addiction or compulsion.

But, Celebrate Recovery’s material is Christ-centered and biblically-based, so the same curriculum is used regardless of the issue, or addiction, being dealt with.

Teams tackle issues from the common ground of Scripture. Pastors who have used the model say they see a lot of unchurched people, and many of them accept Christ as their Savior.

When Saddleback Church launched their program, 70% of the participants came from the church, and roughly 30% came from the community. Today, those figures have flip-flopped. About 70% of those who attend every week come from outside the church.

The program also helps churches train lay leaders who can then go out to make a difference in the community.

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