Christian radio to play role in African fight against AIDS.

By August 11, 2005

Africa (MNN)–In Africa, around two million children under the age of 15 are living with HIV/AIDS and more than twelve million are orphaned.

An estimated 25.4 million people are living with HIV and approximately 3.1 million new infections occurred in 2004. In just the past year, the epidemic has claimed the lives of an estimated 2.3 million people in this region.

The staggering numbers prompted strong reaction from government and church alike, but the infection rates continue to climb.

In response, Trans World Radio and Kerus Global Education partnered in a project aimed at teens.

The ‘what’ is Kerus’ “It Takes Courage!” curriculum. “Where we have a one-hour lesson that’s interactive education for a classroom or a church setting,” explains Kerus’ co-founder/CEO Marcia Ball, “Trans World Radio is taking those same concepts and we’re producing a drama that teaches the exact same thing, but by radio.”

She explains that the ‘why’ behind the move is answered with “The church has launched many excellent programs, but they’re not far-reaching.” The partnership will fill in the gaps of what’s already happening, and strengthen the message of successful programs.

The programs will play a major role not only in fighting disease, but also in lifechange. “Our desire is primary behavior change, which is the spiritual principles of abstinence before marriage, and faithfulness in marriage,” says Ball. “And yet, we’re not satisfied with just promoting that message. We want people to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.”

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