A new chance for Iraq in lieu of Hussein’s capture.

By December 16, 2003

Iraq (MNN)–The capture of Saddam Hussein is being greeted mainly with enthusiasm, although few believe it will stop the Iraqi insurgency.

For those humanitarian relief agencies working in the area though, there is a sense of liberation. World Vision’s Dean Owen says they won’t be opening an office in Baghdad in the near future, given the violence targeting the Red Cross and United Nations. “We see the potential of a backlash, an increase of terrorist activities against coalition forces. So, we are restricting our staff’s movements for the next two or three days, just to help insure their safety and protection.”

Given the oppressiveness of Saddam’s regime, Owen hopes the change paves the way for new ministry. “We’re certainly hopeful that, what may appear at first blush to be a new freedom in Iraq, now that Saddam has been captured, will lead to a greater level of religious freedom throughout the country.”

Owen asks believers to pray for the staff working in harms’ way, explaining many are “working in communities that have been subjected to significant violence in the last 6-8 weeks.” He says in the weeks ahead, their teams need prayer for continued openness toward religious freedom in Iraq. “Pray for the victims of Saddam’s reign of terror who are now coming to grips with what may be a new openness, a new level of political and religious freedom in this country.”

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