A partnership reaches out to India’s model state with the Gospel.

By February 22, 2005

India (MNN)–A partnership between Faith Comes By Hearing, the International Bible Society and Trans World Radio is breaking ground. TWR’s David McCreary explains, “The Malayalam language broadcast is the first Indian language broadcast where the Scripture is being presented in a unique format called the ‘Radio Bible’, which is a dramatized Bible broadcast. It’s a word-for-word-from-the-Bible presentation.”

McCreary says the project will be broadcacst to Kerala, India’s most southwesterly state and home to more than 30 million Malayalam speakers.

All of the New Testament and most of the Old Testament will be heard over a two-year period. A necessity, he adds, as Kerala State is called a ‘model state’ of India. “These people come from a well-educated society with a high rate of literacy, yet studies reveal that it’s a culture that has a very high suicide rate, and a high crime rate. So, this is a society that has a great need to hear the Word of God, and it can satisfy their spiritual hunger.”

Kerala also holds the country’s largest population of Christians, yet few have been willing to become a noticeable witness in their culture. TWR hopes this program will not only reach the non-Christians, but also encourage believers to catch a passion for sharing their faith.

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