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By January 15, 2016

USA (MNN) – You know that feeling you just can’t shake, when God is calling you to something great, but you don’t know how it’s going to happen?

Photo Courtesy Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

(Photo Courtesy Wycliffe Bible Translators USA)

Well, Aileen Agoncillo with Wycliffe Bible Translators USA can relate. As a college student, Agoncillo wanted to be famous. But when she encountered Jesus, everything changed.

“[When] I had graduated from college, I wanted to use my skills to be able to see people come to know Him. And it didn’t turn out that way right away,” says Agoncillo.

Instead, she landed a job in the corporate world. During this time, she developed professional and creative communications skills God would later use. And although she loved her job at the time, Agoncillo felt something was missing.

“After 9/11, God kind of challenged me: ‘You know, how are you using the best hours of your time?’ And as much as I wanted people to come to know the Lord through the things I was doing, I was finding that wasn’t happening,” explains Agoncillo.

At this point, Agoncillo began asking, ‘God, show me [where You want me].’ Then, unexpectedly, Wycliffe USA came on her radar.

“I didn’t know about Bible translation until I came to interview for a job [at Wycliffe]. I was blown away by the fact that, at the present time, there were still so many people who didn’t have access to God’s Word in a language they understood,” says Agoncillo.

During the Wycliffe interview, Agoncillo broke down into tears, overwhelmed by the great need for Bible translations. And it was there, in those heart-wrenching moments, where Agoncillo discovered her niche in God’s grand plan.

“I left the interview, sat in my car, and just said to the Lord, ‘I don’t know how. I don’t know if I’m going to get this job or not, but some how I need to be involved in this work,’ explains Agoncillo.

(Photo cred: Wycliffe USA)

(Photo credit Wycliffe USA)

God heard her prayer, and now she works with Wycliffe USA in some unique ways.

The first part of her job, Agoncillo works as the Asia Liaison with the international news gathering team, Wycliffe News Network. She helps identify stories, specifically in Asia, about God’s work in Bible translations. She also helps connect writers, photographers, and videographers to these incredible stories, so they can be shared with the world.

As the second part of her job, she works as the associate director of church partnerships.

“One of the things that I get excited about is seeing the church in the United States really grab hold of the vision of Bible translation and want to be a part of it,” exclaims Agoncillo.

As part of this small team at Wycliffe USA, Agoncillo helps connect churches with the work happening worldwide regarding Bible translation.

“My skills, particularly, are in the area of more organization and administration. I get to help equip our team of church partnership facilitators, so that they can be connected well and effectively with the churches throughout the United States,” explains Agoncillo.

And God’s doing all this with a woman who once just wanted to be famous. But honestly, Agoncillo’s story goes to show it doesn’t matter what’s happening in life, now or in the past: God has a plan to use you. All you need to do is ask.

In the meantime, please consider praying for Agoncillo. Sometimes, when you’re removed from viewing the big picture, it can be easy to get discouraged. If you would, please pray for Agoncillo’s encouragement, whether she’s behind the desk or traveling to unreached places.

And here’s a little something from Agoncillo as well: advice.

Agoncillo’s Advice

  • Know that all seasons have a purpose.
  • Talk to people who work where you want to work.
  • Find encouraging friends.
  • Keep exploring until you find where God wants you.

Learn more about Agoncillo or support her by clicking here.

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