A program helps people seek the ‘reviver’ in the United States

By August 17, 2004

United States (MNN) — Many churches in the United States are looking for ways to bring renewal to the lives of believers. Christians are dealing with ‘secret sins’, selfishness, and lack of missions focus locally and internationally. That’s why Life Action Revival Ministries has taken 33-years of revival ministry experience and put it all together to launch “Seeking Him.”

Life Action’s Byron Paulus says, “We finally decided to take the core messages, truths that God has ignited in the hearts of peoples and churches and put it into various formats and really just saturate America with the whole thought of, let’s seek God.”

Paulus says many organizations want revival, but they go about it the wrong way. “I believe in our own ministry (we) may have been guilty over the years of trying to produce revival when we should be seeking God. And, when we do, the by-product of that will be that hearts will be revived,” he says.

There are several parts of ‘Seeking Him’, says Paulus. There’s a 12 week individual and small group study guide to help people seek God. A pastor kit is also available with sermon notes, power point, and music to focus on renewal. There are also companion helps. ‘Revive Our Hearts’ with Nancy Leigh DeMoss radio program will air special programming aimed at helping Americans stay focused on ‘Seeking Him.’ There will also be special 60-second radio spots to help listeners think about spiritual renewal. And, the Life Action Singes are also releasing a special CD with music focusing on this topic.

If churches seek God, Paulus says evangelism will be affected. “Evangelism, I believe, in its purest, most effective, dynamic, powerful form, is when God comes and visits His church and then (that) spills over through the power of God, now unleashed in the hearts of His people into the neighborhood and into the community and a great, great harvest of souls.”

‘Seeking Him’ resources will be available this fall. Pre-release orders are being taken now. Go to LifeAction.org.

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