A radio ministry celebrates more than a half century of outreach.

By October 24, 2005

International (MNN)– Words of Hope is celebrating over a half century of ministry.

What began as a dream in July of 1945, has grown into a broadcast outreach with international impact. Missionary radio has a strategic role in world missions. Over half of the world’s people live today in countries where evangelism is severely restricted. But radio goes everywhere.

Today, Words of Hope programs in several dozen languages are heard every day on hundreds of radio stations and internet websites all over the world.

Their priority now focuses on international missionary broadcasts in the world�s spiritually neediest languages, including Tibetan, Albanian, Farsi (Persian) and Turkish. Words of HOPE currently sponsors broadcasts in over 40 languages.

WOH also produces English language literature to support the broadcast ministry. One hundred thousand copies of the daily devotional booklets are distributed each quarter. They also distribute Bible study books for individual and group use.

The team has spent the last 60 years with this vision, and are committed to serving national Christians throughout the world in the days ahead. They hope to help them use broadcasting to communicate the Gospel to their own peoples. It’s change, one listener at a time.

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