Audio Scriptures open a new ministry door in Haiti.

By October 24, 2005

Haiti (MNN)–Word has come to Audio Scripture Ministries of a unique outreach potential. A blind pastor has learned how to use the Tape Talk 2. He received the player from the health center along with a set of New Testament cassettes in Haitian Kreyol.

It’s a ministry to those in society’s exile, a new avenue previously unexplored. “They really are, in most cases, the outcasts. They find themselves outside of the mainstream because without sight, they’re unable to provide for their own needs. It’s almost beyond comprehension that they would be able to take care of the needs of other people.”
Dudenhofer says the pastor was a student at the Haitian Society For The Blind (SHAA). That agency has been working for more than fifty years to provide practical support to blind and visually impaired people.

Much of what they do revolves around helping them learn how to fend and care for themselves. It’s exciting because his work is setting a unique example for the sighted.

It’s because of this pastor’s ‘can do’ attitude, that Dudenhofer wanted to encourage the ministry. “This is especially thrilling because here is a blind pastor who wants to learn how he can better minister to other blind people in an area where he won’t be getting rich ever, from this particular kind of work.”

There are plans in the works to send more players in support of this evangelistic project. The TapeTalk 2 Player is an ideal tool because the unit is hand-wind powered.

The latest model is very similar to the first, but has an improved audio amplifier, and has reversed polarity on the power jack. This jack is used by the solar panel and/or the rechargeable battery.

Players can be sponsored. If you’d like to help, go to:

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