A revival of sorts is taking place in Israel

By March 31, 2006

Israel (MNN) — While uncertainty continues in Israel in the wake of this week’s elections, Christians are excited about an apparent moving of God’s Spirit there. Israeli Prime Minister-elect Ehud Olmert won the election, but failed to win overwhelmingly. That means he’ll have to move slowly on his peace plan in order to stabilize his coalition government. The delay has Israelis on edge.

Speaking from Israel, E3 Partners’ Tom Doyle says, “There’s a lot of apathy. They are not excited. The winner is clearly talking about dividing Jerusalem. They’re going to continue the Sharon mandate, is what is being said. Israelis are desperate for peace, but yet on the other hand some of the concessions they’re talking about making, nobody’s talking about.”

While the future is uncertain, that feeling has done great things for evangelism and renewal. Doyle says, “We have a Jewish driver that I’ve known. He’s been a believer for about three years and he was just telling himself and his family. He said, ‘we have so many friends that have come to Christ lately and there’s new congregations.’ And he said, ‘we are now calling it a revival here.'”

E3 Partners is in the Middle East to host a pastors conference in another Middle Eastern country beginning next week. Doyle says, “We have a conference in the region with 150 pastors coming for training. We’ll be gathering together for prayer and worship and teaching and then strategic talks on how this can happen in seven of the Middle East countries.”

Doyle is asking people to pray that God gets the people there next week. “A lot of times there are border closings and problems and Satan will use whatever he can to stop something like this.”

Pray for safety for these pastors as they meet in a country where it’s a challenge to be a Christian.

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