A rural people group in Venezuela catches the vision for missions.

By September 19, 2005

Venezuela (MNN)–In Venezuela, the missions’ movement has taken off with the Maco (MAH-koh) tribe.

New Tribes Mission’s Greg Sanford says once one group responded to the Gospel, they wanted to share the Good news with others. They began making contact with another village.

Sanford explains what happened next. “A number of believers along with some of our missionaries have been able to go to another Maco village, quite a ways away and have been teaching and preaching there.”

And the word did not come back void. “Just recently, we got word that over 100 folks in the second location put their trust in Christ after finally understanding and grasping the Gospel.”

This group was recently baptized. Now, Sanford says, the team is working forward to make sure the new church body has tools for growth. “The team there surely has the need of the Lord’s wisdom and strength to keep pushing forward in the translation process to where someday where we look forward to giving the church at least a whole New Testament completed canon in their language.”

They’re also translating praise songs and hymns into the Maco language for the young church.

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