Vietnam church planting ministry grows

By September 19, 2005

Vietnam (MNN)–Vietnam has long been known as a difficult field. The government’s policy has been to control all religious movements.

That means the pressure on Christians has been harsh and particularly severe for unregistered churches. And yet, the persecuted Church has been growing rapidly.

Now, recent law changes in North Vietnam mean that Christians are permitted to worship in churches legally. That has opened the door for new ideas and goals for those in outreach.

Talks with IN Network’s Vietnamese ministry revealed a continued zeal for reaching their people. Their team of church planters will concentrate efforts on single villages to bring the Gospel to more in the unreached north of the country.

A method of evangelism that is becoming very effective is for teams to go into hospitals with food and medicine. This gives an opportunity to counsel patients, and follow them up after they leave the hospital.

IN Network New Zealand will take on the support of ten more church planters in Vietnam to support the vision of reaching that nation for Christ.

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