A surprise gift helps get a special New Testament reprinted.

By July 7, 2006

Benin (MNN)–The generosity of a Christian printer in Parakou, Benin made possible the reprint of the Yom New Testament.

When the printer hired to do the job was given the original, he made his calculations and then deducted 10%. When SIM had finally raised the funds, and were able to go ahead with the printing, the team took in the first payment, 1,000,000 cfa francs.

After the work was done and delivered, they paid the remaining 3,500,000 cfa francs. But, the printer refused payment for the job, saying that he and the missionary team were in the same work– producing literature for the glory of God.

SIM says 1000 copies were printed to satisfy the needs of the church until the entire Bible is translated and printed. The Old Testament translation could take another ten years, so pray that it would be finished in a timely manner.

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