Christians in Gaza ask for prayer

By July 7, 2006

Isreal (MNN) — As the Palestinians fire their first make-shift rocket into a populated city in Israel, Christians in Gaza are asking believers worldwide to pray. The attacks only caused Israeli troops to push further into Gaza, causing even more destruction.

E3 Partners Tom Doyle is concern about the average person living there. “They don’t have much food. They don’t have much electricity, maybe an hour a day. The water had been cut off. It’s just real difficult for the average person living there.”

Believers in Gaza have it even worse, says Doyle. “Islam is getting so militant and they are definitely being singled out and watched. They have made treats and more recently to the church and the believers there that once they finish with Israel, they’re coming after the church.”

In the midst of the vast humanitarian crisis the church is helping those in refugee camps with food and other needs and they’re making inroads, says Doyle. “God is blessing and people are noticing that and as a result there are things starting to happen in there refugee camps, which formerly were 100-percen Islamic.”

As more and more people turn to Christ for answers, leaders are needed. Funding is the only thing restricting them. E3 Partners is encouraging people to adopt a pastor for $30 a month.

Doyle says Christians throughout the Islamic world need to be prepared and resourced. “It’s pretty clear that militant Islam is on the rise in the Middle East and it’s pretty clear that the Christian church is growing some of the most difficult places and so it’s no doubt there’s going to be big clashes.”

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