Motorcycles take to the streets of Africa in an evangelism campaign

By July 7, 2006

Zambia (MNN) — Christians on motorcycles will be taking to the streets of Zambia in the days ahead. It’s a part of an new initiative by Teen Mission International .

Teen Missions’ Bob Bland says, “We’re starting a motorcycle Sunday school mission in Sub-Saharan Africa where there are 13 million AIDS orphans. We want to reach these children spiritually because there’s no Sunday school, there’s nothing for them. The idea is to be able to get to as many places as possible.”

The teams would hold Sunday school programs for children, train adults to lead them and hold literacy training to help the adults learn to read.

Bland says the program is just getting underway. “We’re going to start with five units. That takes 10 motorcycles. We will start in Zambia. The first one will start in January. And, then we hope to expand it to Mozambique, Malawi, Cameroon and Uganda.”

Bland says the ultimate reason to help these children is, “They’ve missed most of the things in this life and they’re probably going to miss most of things in this life and we don’t want them to miss eternity. We want them to know the Lord and come to a saving knowledge of the Lord and we want them to have some basics in the Scripture.”

Teen Missions needs help from North Americans. Bland says, “Each unit would be made up of one North American and one national who would go out and reach people.”

They have one North American commitment and they need four more. Funding is also need for expansion.

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