A travel warning in Haiti won’t stop ministry.

By June 1, 2005

Haiti (MNN)–The U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning to Haiti because of the gangs and a lack of effective police force.

According to the bulletin, “Americans are reminded of the potential for spontaneous demonstrations and violent confrontations between armed groups.” The violence is likely to rise as clashes grow more frequent, often catching innocent bystanders in the crossfire.

That is one reason the State Department urges caution. So has the absence of an effective police force in much of Haiti. Law enforcement impotence has also increased the potential for looting; the presence of intermittent roadblocks set by armed gangs or by the police; and the possibility of random violent crime, including kidnapping, car-jacking, and assault.

But not everyone is being scared-off by the dire warnings. Men For Mission’s Warren Hardig says most of their work is in the north, and as yet, is untouched by the growing unrest.

Morever, there are no plans to quit. What is dangerous for Americans may not be to the Haitians. “The people in Haiti, maybe, are desensitized, but they just live with it all the time. We’re in touch with them hourly, if we need to be. So, we will do our best not to get anyone in harm’s way”…although they do have a team going in this week.

Hardig says while they take their cues from the national staff, they’re continuously evaluating. “I think we’re okay. We’re still trying to evaluate some–we’ll be very cautious, but we have no plans to cut back at this point. We plan to go ahead and do ministry the best we can and to do the downlink stations and everything. We just see this as the adversary throwing some last punches in, but we’re still claiming Haiti for Christ.”

Radio 4VEH continues to hold various services as part of the 55th anniversary celebrations. Ask for safe travel, especially to outlying locations, as well as for interaction with listeners in different areas. Praise the Lord for Haitians who support the station financially and with their prayers.

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