A troubled peace process has impact on a Christian satellite outreach.

By April 20, 2004

Middle East (MNN)–We begin today in the Middle East where the peace plan staggers under a shifting diplomacy. Many radical Muslims are targeting believers as an outlet for their frustrations.

SAT-7’s Chief Executive Officer Terry Ascott says their teams have been threatened. “We don’t want to get into political statements but we do want to reflect Christ in the contemporary pain that people face.”

Yet, the satellite television programming continues to present issues in a Christian worldview. “We want to be salt and light in this situation. We want to bring a witness through the expressions of forgiveness, the expressions of love that we can make in a situation of hatred.”

Ascott asks prayer for their ministry teams. “We have offices that are in very vulnerable areas of the Middle East. They have a couple of security guards, but anyone who wants to launch a rocket-propelled grenade at the offices or go in and kill people, it’s very easy. So, we trust in God for our protection.”

This month, a number of new programs will begin playing on SAT-7’s airwaves. These include “Teen Time,” a high quality program in which teens are the hosts. The show’s open is an exciting and attractive Arabic rap-music video, followed by entertaining and insightful segments dealing with spiritual issues relevant to teenagers.

Another new program is “More Precious Than Pearls,” a show for Arab women. It always begins with a practical cooking segment that leads into a discussion time. Topics discussed include protecting your children from drugs, family finances and the value of women, all addressed from a Biblical perspective.

The “Watch Word Bible” is a new scripture reading program for SAT-7. In this show the Bible is read and the scriptural text appears upon a background of creative graphics or pictures together with music and sound effects.

Please pray that God will use these new programs to disciple His children and help to train future leaders for His church in the Middle East and North Africa.

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