Churches to learn about a compassion outreach.

By April 20, 2004

International (MNN)–One in five people in the world lives in abject poverty. Of these, 600 million are children.

This is just one of the statistics that carries with it a story of a changed life. This year’s Compassion Sunday is scheduled for April 25. Church sponsors and pastors across the U.S. will set aside that day to do something to make a huge difference in the lives of children living in poverty.

Organizers hope this year’s Compassion Sunday will end with the sponsoring of 17,000 children in 2004. Compassion International allows an individual or family to sponsor a child for a monthly fee of $28 — money that goes toward helping the child and his or her family as well as providing health care, supplemental nutrition, supplies, and after-school educational and biblically-based activities for the child.

The monthly fee makes a big difference in the lives of poverty-stricken children. Because most of the children come from non-Christian homes, it’s may be the only opportunity they would have to learn about Jesus.

Compassion sponsors are encouraged not only to help support a child financially, but also to develop relationships with the child by regular correspondence.

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