After nearly one year after the tsunami, needs abound

By December 12, 2005

E. Asia (MNN) — It’s been nearly a year since the tsunami devastated southeast Asia. Thousands of people were killed, thousands were left homeless, and thousands continue to be in need today.

Open Doors USA’s Carl Moeller explains. “Tens of thousands of communities are still wiped off the map with virtually no infrastructure remaining. And, we along with other agencies are continuing to find new pockets of just personal devastation throughout the tsunami areas.”

Open Doors is helping with the massive rebuilding effort in a number of ways, says Moeller. He says they’re starting with the local church. “When the church is rebuilt people are given a sense of hope and community. We’re providing shelter for families who’ve lost their homes. I watched as the foundation stones were laid for new churches in Sri Lanka. We’re providing trauma counseling. We’ve rebuilt schools in the area.”

While this has been an incredibly challenging time in this region of the world, Moeller says the church is now more respected. “The resources that have been channeled through the local churches there in parts of Sri Lanka, South India where we’re working, Indonesia, they’ve strengthened the church there and empowered Christians to express the compassion and love of Jesus for their community.”

Open Doors is also providing funding for education for orphan children, Bibles and Christian books for pastors and lay leaders. Pray that God would use many to help supply this financial need as the anniversary approaches.

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