After tribal violence, Bibles are needed to help in evangelism in India.

By December 18, 2003

India (MNN) — 22 villages were set on fire, pushing Hmar tribal people into hiding. “They were falsely accused. And, now the government is asking them to return,” says Bibles for the World’s Rochunga Pudaite. The Hmar were forced from their village by the Dimasa tribe for kidnapping some of their people.

Pudaite says they’re now returning to their village. “There’s not much of a village to get back to and there are no homes and they need to build homes. But, I met with some of these refugees who are going to return back home. I said, ‘what is the greatest need you have?’ They said, ‘We need a Bible.'”

Pudaite is asking Christians to come to their aid.” So, I’m wondering during this Christmas time if there will be some one who can hear our voice here would be willing to give them a present of a Bible for these Bible less people. About 1,000 families are severely affected.”

10-dollars can purchase a nice hard covered Bible for these needy people, who hope to reach Dimasa with the Gospel.

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