Alleviating suffering in Eastern Europe opens many hearts.

By April 19, 2004

Ukraine (MNN)–There were promises of freedom and independence when the Ukraine declared itself free from the Soviet Union.

With the ensuing economic overhaul, the country’s infrastructure began to show its cracks. Nearly a third of the population was under the poverty line, and it soon was evident there was not enough support for the poor, elderly or orphaned.

Operation Blessing is meeting some of those needs through their outreach center. Last month, staffers provided thousands of meals for the hungry through their soup kitchen. Countless elderly pensioners, poor families and disabled people try to exist on $7-11 every month. There often isn’t money for even one meal a day, so their team makes and serves free hot meals to the hungry in a soup kitchen Monday-Friday each week.

A medical team also met hundreds of needs, all in the name of Jesus Christ. Tons of medical supplies and equipment go to under equipped clinics and hospitals. This allows medical professionals to provide proper treatment to their patients.

This project is a means to demonstrate God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering. Pray for those involved in this outreach.

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