Teens to align themselves with God’s heart

By April 19, 2004

International (MNN)–One night of sleep is a small price to pay for the results that will come from a night of prayer.

That’s the premise behind the campaign entitled “A Whole Night for the Whole World” (http://wholenight.com). Organizers are hoping millions of young people all around the globe will unite in prayer May 29 for revival in their generation.

The Southern Baptist International Mission Board says it’s more than a call–it’s a challenge to student groups all over the world to spend a night in prayer for the more than two billion teenagers, most of whom have never heard of the Gospel.

Significant to the event is that it’s the day before Pentecost, the time when the Holy Spirit began its work and the church was born.

It’s also a partnership, immediately preceding a May 30 prayer focus in which Southern Baptist churches across the United States will unite in a day of prayer for 43 million people in seven countries of the Arab world (http://www.ime.imb.org/dayofprayer).

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