Violence is hurting and helping missions work in Nepal

By April 19, 2004

Nepal (MNN) — Fighting between Maoist and government troops in Nepal is becoming a mixed blessing for Christians in the world’s only Hindu kingdom.

Gospel For Asia’s KP Yohannan says the fighting has had an impact on their work in rural areas. He says, “We have at least 38 missionaries who had to be relocated simply because the missionaries are now caught between the government soldiers and the Maoists, kind of a cross fire situation.”

GFA has been prevented by the government from freely sharing the Gospel. However, Yohannan says that’s changing in rebel held areas. “The Maoists are telling our missionaries, ‘you are starting our schools and helping our people, no problem, you continue to do your work,'” saysYohannan. However, Yohannan knows that if the Maoists gain control that will change.

There has been another positive in this situation. “Before this, everywhere, every month, we had our workers getting in trouble with the government police. But, since the Maoist problems began, they’re no more going after the Christian workers, because they’re concentrating now on the Maoists. It’s amazing how God uses all this stuff to get the Gospel out. What should we pray for? I don’t know.”

The great news is that despite the strife, Yohannan says, “God has been working there. Literally thousands have of people have come to know the Lord. And, by the grace of God we have somewhere around 200 churches planted there.”

As many people are coming to Christ, Bibles are needed to meet the incredible demand to learn more about Christ. You can go to their web site to find out how you can help place Bibles into the hands of these new believers.

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