American missionaries flee Haiti’s fighting; several determine to minister despite the danger.

By February 19, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti is pleading for international help to stem a coup d’etat.

Three weeks of bloody rioting have spread throughout the Carribbean nation, leaving ruins and death in its wake. In the turmoil, groups of American missionaries were getting evacuation orders. Many of them left this week.

Other groups hunkered down to ride out the unrest. Among them, For Haiti with Love. For Haiti’s Don DeHart says it’s a matter of living the Gospel he preaches. “The Haitians have a feeling that missionaries always run during a time of trouble. I’ve been very fortunate to have always been there when trouble hits and I’ve stayed. They know that.”

DeHart goes into Haiti today, and he’s stocking the clinic with medical supplies needed for riot-related injuries. As for insecurities, “You either trust God to do what he says he’ll do and protect you and care for you, or you don’t. I need to be there desperately. This time, I got caught on the outside, but I am going in to take care of the people and make sure the food program continues and our clinic stays open 24 hours a day to take care of the casualties.”

DeHart plans to stay in Haiti until supplies run out. A re-supply run depends on whether or not the airports will be open.

Please pray for the mission agencies whose teams remain in Haiti during the civil war, and pray for peace to settle over the country soon.

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