American radio listeners helping to end Bible famine

By November 7, 2005

USA (MNN) — While famine has long been associated with the lack of food in Africa, there’s another famine that could be even more disastrous — a Bible famine. The Bible League says that’s exactly what’s happening right now on that continent as thousands of people are giving their hearts to Jesus.

The Bible League is trying to remedy that through their “End the Bible Famine: God’s Hope for Africa” radio campaign.

Listeners to more than 40 radio stations have already pledged more than 250,000 Bibles. The goal of the campaign is 300,000 by December 31.

Vice President of Africa Ministries Rev. Joseph Owens says, “Every Bible changes a life. And, most of these Bibles will be read by others in the families and villages. The arrival of these Bibles in Africa will create such enthusiasm that national workers will go out to the remotest corners of the forests, deserts, and mountains. I believe that many churches will also be planted.”

Seven radio stations have already exceeded their goals for the campaign. Pray that the others will also.

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