An Easter radio special to open doors

By April 10, 2009

International (MNN) — On this
Good Friday, HCJB Global is eagerly anticipating the outcome of  a special project. 

HCJB's Jon Hirst says they're focused
specifically on India and the United Kingdom. Why these two areas?  It could be because India has seen a lot of
persecution of Christians over these last few months and people might be
wondering what they believe in. It could
be because the United Kingdom is an area so familiar with religion, that few
people find faith exciting or know that it's about relationship.

Or, it could be all of the above PLUS
it's the perfect chance to engage people who aren't necessarily looking for a
Gospel message over Easter, but might be interested to know what it's really

Hirst says, "In India, HCJB Global Voice will air two half-hour programs on Government-FM." One airs today, and one airs on Easter
Sunday.  "There's a potential listening audience of
almost fifty million people."

A secular
radio station airing Gospel programs? In light of all the news coming out of the region, it might just be the
most significant piece of the day airing on the secular, government-run radio
station line-up.

The complication comes with India's
political season. "With elections coming
up, everyone is a bit cautious. Our partners there are asking us to pray
that the programs go on the air just as they were sent to the stations."

While the Gospel has advanced in
most countries during the past 250 years, in Europe it has declined. That's why a similar effort is aimed at the United Kingdom on Easter Sunday.  

Hirst explains that they've tailored
the message to that audience. "It's a
very different program. We're going to have two very short programs, only one or two minutes long, on two stations in the Yorkshire area with an audience of
almost 180,000."   

The opportunity to build relationships with mainstream stations and
provide thought-provoking programming for secular radio is a key part
of HCJB Global Voice’s ministry in the U.K.

Geared to a non-Christian
audience, HCJB wants to engage them with the Gospel message. One program called “Final Answer” uses a format similar to a popular TV
quiz show in the region. Through the
program, a question is answered by another question: "Do you want to have a
relationship with God?"

The second program is called “Pearly Gates Duty.” It features
the thief who died on the cross next to Jesus talking about the latest
new arrivals in heaven and how they gained entrance.

Hirst urges prayer for both
efforts–in India and the U.K. "Please be praying for open hearts, that God will touch people as they listen." 

HCJB Global is also providing a
resource that supports the programs they're airing Easter weekend. "We're
excited to be offering people a devotional download called 'The Voice and Hands
Reader.' That really ties into our overall message of being the voice and
the hands of Jesus as we reach out, for example, this Easter with these Easter

This 30-day reader download gives
daily devotionals from the life of Jesus. It also includes stories from around the world about people who have
stepped out in service to God. Click here for details.

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