An emergency emerges for a ministry in India

By September 14, 2006

India (MNN) — Hopegivers International has issued an emergency appeal to Christians worldwide to pray and assist financially. It’s a campaign brought on by serious oppression in India over the last seven months.

Chief Operating Officer of Hopegivers Michael Glenn describes everything they’ve had to overcome. “Slander campaigns. You see this in the newspapers and the media. Then legal action taken, bogging you down and having to deal with those things. And then, literally physical attacks. It’s come in different forms, but all in ways to shut us down and it hasn’t done it.”

The state government in Rajasthan also seized Hopegivers bank accounts and operating licenses for their hospital, orphanage and schools. They have since been restored and the nation’s Supreme Court has upheld that decision. So, they can operate normally again, but the ministry in Rajasthan has been hit hard.

That’s why they’re kicking off, “Operation Solid Rock.” Chief Operating Officer of Hopegivers Michael Glenn says, “Operation Solid Rock is really the phrase that we’re using for our emergency relief effort. We need these funds to help get everything restored completely, to get everything operational — for the orphanages, the schools and all the humanitarian institutions that were impacted.”

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are needed to accomplish this, says Glenn.

There is just one legal issue facing Hopegivers, and that’s President Samuel Thomas anti-nationalism court case. He was supposed to be in court Wednesday, but those proceedings have been delayed until mid-October for more investigation.

Despite all the problems and attacks, Hopegivers hasn’t stopped talking about Christ. “Our purpose is to take care of the widows and the orphans. So, we’re focused on that. So, what we do the Gospel is a part of that. We’re not bashful about that. We share the Good News and the New Testament Principles. That’s not going to change.”

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