Two years’ diligence yields an exciting harvest for radio ministry in Niger.

By September 14, 2006

Niger (MNN)–Some consider the country to be one of the least evangelized nations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Two years’ devotion toward the launch of Gospel programming in Niger (nee-JHER) culminated this month. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says they just dedicated a new recording facility in the city of Maradi. They’re working with an indigenous partner to produce Gospel programming five days a week in Hausa and French for air on local radio stations.

“The first broadcasts were on the air during the first week of September and already, even after the first day there was a report of favorable comments from local people including some non-Christians who thought that the program sounded very worthwhile.”

Words of Hope will also continue to provide materials and help train local pastors to pursue broadcasting opportunities on local community stations. Pray for the staff as they reach this heavily Muslim area with the Gospel.

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