Asia = key target for missions

By June 21, 2016

Asia (MNN) — Research shows Asia has the greatest strategic importance to the United States, both now and in the next 20 years.

It’s also home to the highest amount of unreached people groups.

(Image courtesy of Asian Access.)

(Image courtesy of Asian Access.)

This provides a unique opportunity for organizations like Asian Access, which trains and equips believers for spiritual leadership in an effort to establish long-term spiritual growth.

“We come alongside key pastors and now CEOs and senior vice presidents in the business sphere, but predominately with pastors over the last 35 years, investing deeply in their lives and building capacity for them,” Asian Access President Joe Handley says.

“Asia is a crucial place for us to be investing, and thus Asian Access spends all of our time focused on this region of the world that is going to be so crucial, not only presently, but even more so in the coming 20 years.”

So far, this work has proved fruitful. Handley says Asian Access has been coming alongside pastors in one South Asian country for the past few decades, and has seen spiritual doors opened.

Gospel gaining ground despite persecution

(Image courtesy of Christian Aid)

“I was just recently with some friends travelling, and they were telling me that in the middle of the 1960s, around 1966, I believe there were only about 600 or so Christians in [the country], and today they estimate there are over 2 million of them,” Handley says.

“During at least half of that time roughly, Asian Access has been investing in key pastors, and it has been remarkable to see what God has done in their lives.

“They’ve had such an influence on the nation that they were actually invited in to help draft or speak into the religious liberty sections of their recent constitution which they ratified as a nation last September. Today, they have the first secular state constitution they’ve ever had, saying we’re no longer exclusively tied to one religion, but that all religions can be a part of this nation.”

Can you come alongside Asian Access as it works to establish spiritual growth in Asia? Handley asks that you pray for a continued spiritual movement throughout the continent. You can find other ways to pray, donate and get involved by clicking here.

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