Astonishing growth comes to the church in 2003.

By March 11, 2004

International (MNN)–Southern Baptist missionaries witnessed huge growth of evangelistic work in 2003.

The International Mission Board trustees heard details of last year’s work, highlighted by more than 500,000 baptisms.

In spite of the excitement of this milestone, trustees also heard that more than 5,000 people groups still have little or no access to the Gospel. In response, Southern Baptist missionaries and their overseas partners also opened work among 192 new people groups during 2003.
Those new works included evangelistic encounters with 146 unreached people groups with a total population of more than 359 million.

2003 saw overseas church membership jump five-percent; Bible teaching enrollment also increased ; and new believers in discipleship training grew over 40-percent. Continue to pray as people respond to Christ in an unprecedented manner.

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