At least one Christian group continues work in Iraq despite threats.

By September 22, 2003

Iraq (MNN) — Christian work continues in Iraq despite threats against aid workers. Loyalists of Saddam Hussein have made the threats, but it’s not stopping the work of World Relief.

World Relief’s Clive Calver says his organization is working without interruption because they’re in a unique situation. “The real work is being done by the Iraqi churches. And, they’ve been joined by the Jordanian churches. We’ve brought the churches from Jordan in because they’ve got the language, they’ve got the culture. So, you’ve got the Jordanian and Iraqi Christians working side-by-side with the resources from the American churches to actually impact their community for Jesus.”

Calver is back in the United States and is delivering a message from the Iraqi evangelical church. “We want you to say thank-you. Thank you for giving us a chance at a future. But, you’ve won a war, please will win the peace, too. Because if you don’t we may have a fundamentalists Islamic government and that will be far worse.”

Calver says Iraqi Christians sense that danger , so they have a plan. “Let us pray for our people. Let us go and transform our communities. What we will do is rebuild the schools, provide for displaced people, help the chronically poor and the chronically sick. What they’re really needing is our help to resource them as they transform their communities. They don’t need us to do it because it would be too dangerous for us.”

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