Believers from India reaching Wales with the Gospel

By December 8, 2004

Wales (MNN) — While much of the world remembered the 100th anniversary of the Welch revival, one organization has decided to make Wales their new mission field. As a result of that revival, Christians from Wales reached out to a village of head-hunters in Northern India. That’s when Bibles for the World’s founder, Rochunga Pudaite’s father came to Christ.

Pudaite says while the country saw a great move of the Welch people to Christ, things are very different right now. “Less than three percent of the people go to church. Every week one closed church is being bought by Muslims or Hindus and converted into Muslim mosques or Hindu temples. And, it’s a desperately needy country now.”

That’s why Bibles for the World is sending Bibles to the spiritually needy, using telephone directories. “Right now we have 90,000 Bibles already packaged and ready to be mailed. All we’re looking for is the postage. It only costs $2 to mail these Bibles from India to Wales.”

Pudaite feels indebted to Wales for helping his village hear about Christ. “The people who gave birth to us spiritually are now in desperate need of the Gospel. Unfortunately, the income of our people is so small, it costs about a full day’s salary to send one Bible. But, there are many of our people who are now committing themselves now to send three, four, Bibles every month.”

These Bibles are a little different than your typical Bible. It’s actually titled, “No Greater Love”. Pudaite says it starts with the Gospel of John. He says 10,000 Bible have already been sent. He met a woman who stopped him while he visited Wales recently, “and said, I come to say ‘thank you.’ A copy of your Bible came to my house. I thought it was a romantic novel and I began to read. It turned out to be a Bible and before I finished reading the Gospel of John, my life was completely changed.”

If you would like to help believers in Northeast India send Bibles to Wales, go to their web site,

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