Believers in India prepare for third wave of infections

By July 26, 2021

India (MNN) — The United States eases travel restrictions to India and Pakistan, even as the region prepares for the third wave of coronavirus infections. A week ago, Canada extended its ban on direct passenger flights from India for another month due to the Delta variant of COVID-19.

“From within the Indian government, there has been a statement that we need to prepare for a third wave, which may come as early as late August,” President/CEO of Bibles For The World John Pudaite says.

“It’s continuous. We’re just getting over the second wave in the northeast region, [and] now the third wave is going to hit mainland India.”

A report published last week surrounds India’s statistics with skepticism. Indian officials denied the report’s projections, claiming researchers were at fault. India has reported more than 418,000 COVID deaths so far, with over half occurring since April 16th.

Prayer is our most powerful tool! Remember to pray for families in India who are dealing with Covid. Pray that God would continue to watch over them and keep them healthy!
(Photo, caption courtesy Bibles For The World)

“We have always questioned the government’s statistics because things weren’t adding up. We’re hearing [about the] tremendous amount of cremations going on among the Hindu community; bodies washing up on the shores of rivers, and things like that,” Pudaite says.

“I thought it was two- to three times the official numbers, in terms of fatalities… It was shocking to read it could be as much as 10-times the official statistics.”

Bibles For The World operates seminaries and a small Christian hospital in northeast India. More about that here. Pray believers will find ways to reach out in love and share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ with the people of India.

“We’re in such a ‘watching and waiting’ mode continuously; it’s been a real challenge,” Pudaite says.

“We need listeners [and readers] to continue to pray for the body of Christ there as they try to brace against this [pandemic].”



Header image depicts young men in Kerala state, India. (Photo courtesy of Firos nv/Unsplash)