Believers partner with Sudanese church for resurrected hope.

By September 6, 2006

Sudan (MNN)–The Darfur crisis notwithstanding, there’s a difficult season coming following civil insecurity in the rest of Sudan.

Evangelical Free Church Mission’s Kevin Kompelien says they’ve been working with their partner (Evangelical Free Church of Sudan or EFCS) in the warzones for over a decade. “There’s the double question. One is: ‘will the peace hold, will we go home and be able to live peacefully?'”

Those questions are often at the beginning of a journey full of other questions like, “‘when we get home, what will we find? Chance are, there won’t be much of anything there, and we really have to start from scratch.'”

The bigger issues for the south, says Kompelien, tend to be development of the infrastructure by the UN, not security. The repatriation process is slow but steady.
They’re working to raise three million dollars to assist in the resettlement of six Sudanese villages. “Since the peace accord was signed a year and a half ago, we are working with them now, to begin to repatriate refugees back into Southern Sudan to get them settled back into their homeland as well as to plant churches.”

The EFCS says in order to launch the process of rebuilding their lives again, each Sudanese family will need: kitchen essentials, ladles, pots and pans, plates and cups, barrels for food storage. Many need assistance with transportation needs, mattresses and blankets, corn and beans, agricultural supplies, seeds, shovels, hoes, machetes, and shoes and clothing for school children.

There are many ways to help. Pray for the EV Free Church as they actively share their love for Christ in this region. Or, if you want to get involved, click here.

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