Operation Blessing helps rebuild Indonesia one brick at a time.

By September 6, 2006

Indonesia (MNN)—Roughly a year and a half after the tsunami that struck in 2004, survivors are starting life anew.

Many have taken on a determination to move forward in order to cope with the traumatic experience. Operation Blessing committed to disaster relief in Southeast Asia and will continue to provide it well into 2008.

OBI recently helped a community begin to rebuild by establishing a brick factory in Rigaih, Indonesia.

The community was devastated by the 2004 tsunami that washed nearly everything away. To date, OBI staffers employ 35 brick makers who churn out 100,000 bricks each month.

Their efforts are used to rebuild homes and businesses destroyed by the tsunami. Additionally, boat repair and construction projects are still active throughout the region, and OBI training centers are integrating job training with mentoring and counseling services.

Their work also gives them an opportunity to practically demonstrate the love of Christ in this region.

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