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By December 2, 2010

USA (MNN) — The Digital Bible Project (DBP), introduced in March of this year by Faith Comes By Hearing, today is announcing the launch of the recently redesigned Web site. Originally home to information on the ministry's free Bible apps, the revamped site now allows users to read, listen to, and even share their favorite verses via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, right from their computer.

The site currently offers the Scripture in 96 languages, with more being added regularly. This keeps with Faith Comes By Hearing's mission to use heart-language Audio Bibles to "make disciples from every nation, tribe, language and people."

The same functionality has been available through free Bible apps on iPhone, iPad, iTouch and the Android operating system since this summer. While the ministry continues to develop their app for other smartphones and mobile devices, the site allows anyone with an Internet connection to immediately access God's Word in both text and audio.

Scripture in audio continues to be the ministry's primary focus as they attempt to reach out to the 50% of the world's population who are illiterate.

"With half of the world unable to read — not to mention those who interact and get their daily news and information orally by choice — we must continue to provide the Gospel message in a format that engages the listener and keeps their attention," stated Troy Carl, Faith Comes By Hearing's national director.

Carl helped create the DBP for the ministry, and he currently oversees the development and implementation of the project. Since its initial release, the average listening time on the audio-based Bible apps has been 37 minutes.

While the redesigned site is an important event for Faith Comes By Hearing, Carl is looking down the road to every language recording done by the ministry being available on the site and through their Bible apps.

"Advancements in smartphones and satellite technology make this an exciting time to be working toward fulfilling the Great Commission," says Carl. "We live in a time that could see the vast majority of the world with the potential to hold the Word of God in the palm of their hand."

The ministry has recorded Audio Bibles in 500 languages. Their goal is to complete 2,000 language recordings by 2016. The average cost to record the New Testament in a people's heart language is $25,596.

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