Biblica making progress on mega languages

By October 10, 2011

USA (MNN) — Translating Scripture into the heart language of people around the world is essential for people coming to Christ. Biblica is dedicated not only to translating Scripture, but to giving end users an entire Bible — one they can easily understand.

President of Biblica's Global Resource Development and Communications Evelyn Lemly says if their ministry focuses on the top ten languages of the world, "We can actually reach half of the world's population with those ten languages in either the primary or secondary languages. If you go to the top 20 languages of the world, you can reach half of the world's population in their primary language."

Lemly says if you reach all of the mega languages of 1 million or more speakers, you'll be able to reach 96% of the world's population. Currently, Biblica has Scripture translated into 27 of the top 30 languages. But the work isn't done.

Biblica's new focus is making sure Scripture is available in an audio version. Lemly says many cultures are oral learners. "You take the Arabic world, for example: it's an extremely oral culture. So, having it where people can hear the Scriptures, as well as reading it, is a very import part. That's also true in most of the African cultures."

Biblica's Arabic audio version is almost done. The New Testament is done, but not the Old Testament.

Lemly says while translating new languages will still take time, distributing it won't. "As we put things out, using mobile phone technology, and in some cases the Web, we'll be able to deliver it faster and to a much broader audience."

What's needed to accomplish it? Time and money. "We have several projects underway; if we had just $50,000 more, we would actually have them complete."

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