Bombings close Christian media ministry in Lebanon.

By August 7, 2006

Lebanon (MNN)–Israel’s continued bombardment of Lebanon has punched holes in roads across the country, turning a drive into a risky, tortuous ride.

On top of that, the military action has severed many of the main travel arteries around Beirut. The targeted destruction prompted Lebanon’s president to accuse Israel is trying to pressure Lebanon to accept its conditions for a cease-fire , which include Hezbollah’s disarmament and ouster from a swath of south Lebanon.

SAT-7’s Debbie Brink says they made a tough call. “We had to close our studio and cancel a couple of programs that were being produced because it’s just impossible for people to even get to the studio right now.”

Naji Daoud, the SAT-7 Lebanon Director says the cancellations included a women’s program and a youth program.

The dangers are increasing daily, as the fierce fighting continues. “Roads are difficult to pass, and bridges have been bombed out, so we had to close. We’re hoping not for very long, but it’s hard to know how long.”

Despite the challenges, SAT-7 hopes to reopen the studio sometime later today or possibly tomorrow. Because of the lack of fuel and the difficulty of traveling, the team is putting an emergency plan into place in which a small crew may move into a donated flat located near the office and continue to produce programs.

None of their staff has been injured and the studios are intact for the moment. Brink says ministry won’t stop. “We just need to continue to pray that this will come to a conclusion, one that’s a positive conclusion for all parties, as positive as that can be, pray too that people would be drawn to seek the Lord through this whole process. People are so discouraged and they’re seeing Christians really reaching out. I think that’s probably speaking very loudly to a lot of people.”

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