Book of Hope launches new Godman video for Africa.

By March 16, 2006

Uganda (MNN)–Book of Hope just launched the African version of ‘Godman’ in Kampala, Uganda.

The event was preceded by several community book distributions. And what book? The Book of Hope publication combines the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to tell the life story of Jesus Christ, the most important part of the Scriptures.

The book reads in chronological order and features study questions that direct the reader back into the Word. There is also a clear plan of salvation at the end of the book so children know how to accept Christ as their personal Savior.

In combination, the text provides a powerful support for the movie. Book Of Hope’s Carolyn Webber says the response so far has been incredible. “The kids were so excited to see the movie and they really engaged in the movie and that was really one of the things that we wanted to do in creating a customized version of the story of Jesus for Africa was to create it in such a way that children would engage in it and would relate to it.”

Webber says because they’ve engaged in the movie, it’s an opportunity for discipleship. “It was awesome to see the kids cheer when something good would happen in the movie, or when Jesus healed somebody or ‘boo’ when Satan would come on the screen. They just really got into the movie. There was an invitation given at the end of every showing. 25-30-percent of the kids gave their lives to Christ at the end of every showing.”

Pray for this region of the world as more and more children and youth come face to face with Jesus.

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