Cambodia flooding leaves thousands in need

By November 25, 2020

Cambodia (MNN) — In October, multiple tropical storms dumped rainfall on Cambodia. The flooding killed 42 people and destroyed over 150,000 homes in 19 provinces. Now, the United Nations is calling for $9 million in aid, hoping to care for those most vulnerable.

To make matters worse, the flooding has washed out several key roads and bridges, hindering travel and the delivery of assistance to those most in need. Thankfully, Cambodia has limited its COVID-19 outbreaks, with almost no cases in the country since the summer.

These pictures show World Mission distributing food and other essentials. (Photos courtesy of World Mission on Facebook)

Greg Kelley talks about World Mission’s response. “In Cambodia, it was primarily the Buddhist community that was affected. As the body of Christ responds, which we’ve seen through our efforts, hundreds and hundreds of people are getting just the basic necessities of survival. I mean, we’re talking about food, shelter, clothing, blankets, and mosquito nets.”

All of these products will save lives, even the mosquito nets. As people lose their homes, they become very vulnerable to malaria. Read more about the devastating effects of Malaria on the modern world here.

New Christians

Kelley describes the impact of this ministry. “For the hundreds of people that we were able to minister to, it was unconditional. It was just giving it to them in love. Half of these people, and this was around 300 people in one instance, became followers of Jesus. Our partners, as they’re distributing this aid, share the Gospel message. And half of the people, half of them from unreached people groups, received Jesus just because they were so touched by the expression of love.”

Kelley says World Mission will focus on discipling these new Christians, providing audio Bibles in their language, and training Christian leaders.

Praise God for these Cambodian believers, and pray they would be safe after the flooding. You can support World Mission’s relief efforts by donating here.



The header photo shows the flooding in Cambodia in October. (Photo courtesy of World Mission)