Care for missionaries living in unfamiliar culture

By September 4, 2007

USA (MNN) — Trans World Radio is helping missionaries recharge their spiritual batteries.

Missionaries often can become isolated when living and working away from home in a culture very different from their own. 

MemCare by Radio
is a 15-minute daily program airing in Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. Each broadcast addresses a topic relevant to the issues missionaries often face. 

"A lot of times we deal with conflict management, disappointment in missions, cross-cultural living, and children," said Scott Hollinger of TWR. He emphasized that they are really trying to focus on the entire family. 

The program is unique since it reaches beyond the doors of TWR missionaries. "What we provide is what I would call 'pan-mission.' You know, it goes to the different agencies, to anybody that can listen to our radio programs."

TWR is partnering with several other organizations to make the broadcasts possible. They are also working with individual psychologists and member care counselors.

"Our goal is not concerned about people leaving so much as giving people the tools they need to stay on the field–not just live there but to thrive where they are, where God has put them," Hollinger said. 

They are always looking for more partners, and while they are currently only broadcasting in English, they hope to eventually reach more than the English-speaking audience. Spanish,
Portuguese, Korean and German are among the languages on the list of future translations.

You can listen online.

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