Catalog sets sphere of influence in the mission field

By October 30, 2007

International (USA) — The partnership of the Great
Co-Mission Catalog is helping Christians on the mission field. By meeting a physical need, it often opens
the doors for missionaries to share the hope of Christ.

World Gospel Mission's Kristi Crisp says she's working on
raising funds for winter clothes for an orphan ministry in Kazakhstan.
"Kazakhstan has some pretty harsh winters. So this helps provide funding
for the orphanage to make sure that those kids don't have to face a winter in
the cold. So far, we have raised enough
money for eight students, and our project goal is to raise funds for at least
nine more." 

There are over 85 projects to choose from. Many of these are ideas that neighbors and
families and co-workers can easily get behind. They're raising funds for
everything from school supplies in Kazakhstan to musical instruments that are
needed for worship in India, or even providing drinkable water to communities in

The idea behind these projects is: ownership. The participant picks a project, sets a goal,
and begins to get the word out. WGM
provides the missionaries, the fundraising tools, and the coaching.  

Participants provide the people, the resources, and the
drive to make it happen. The goal is to
raise up schools, build clinics, drill wells, and, above all, share the gospel.

Says Crisp, "It's a real easy process. You build your
own Web site to promote this project. I'm doing everything from word of mouth, to
sharing on Facebook, to sharing it on my personal blog–just ways to get it out
to people in my sphere of influence." 

Click here if you want to participate.

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