Church planter in-training brings 17 to Christ in India

By October 30, 2007

India (MNI) — Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India has an encouraging report about a man who is benefiting from their ministry in rural India.

Ramtubai worshipped
the sun, trees, snakes, rocks, and the dead spirits of his ancestors. He
feared that if he didn't worship diligently, the spirits would harm his family.

One day Ramtubai's daughter Sharmila fell ill. The doctors couldn't help
her. so Ramtubai took Sharmila to five different witch doctors, pleading for
help. But nothing worked.

An evangelist named Ladubai often came to Ramtubai's village to share the
Gospel. Ramtubai begged him to pray for
his ailing daughter. Ladubai prayed over Sharmila all evening and into the early morning hours.
As the sun began to rise, Sharmila
opened her eyes.

Seeing this miracle, Ramtubai was astonished and wanted to hear more about Jesus. Soon the whole
family decided to follow Christ.

Ramtubai's family and neighbors
mocked him for accepting an unknown God. Terrible things would come from
turning his back on the spirits in the rocks and trees, they warned.

But day by day Ramtubai grew in his knowledge
of the Bible, and he often shared his testimony. Recently, he enrolled in Mission India's Church Planter training program.
So far, Ramtubai has brought 17 people
to the saving knowledge of Christ.

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