CEF empowering Maui believers to be the hands of Jesus following wildfires

By August 18, 2023

USA (MNN) — Every day brings devastating updates from the wildfires in Maui that started on August 8.

The death toll is rising at an agonizing pace. Just over 110 people are confirmed dead, but roughly 1,000 people are still missing according to Hawaii Governor Josh Green. Less than half the burned region has been searched so far.

In a community grappling with grief, Child Evangelism Fellowship is ready to support families with their booklet for kids called “Do You Wonder Why?”.

Do You Wonder Why?, booklet by CEF. (Photo courtesy of Child Evangelism Fellowship)

CEF’s Matt Walton says, “It’s specifically to help children who are going through natural disasters or traumatic events that have those questions about, ‘Where is God in this? Why did God allow my house to be destroyed or loved ones to lose their life?’ So it deals with very, very difficult topics from a biblical perspective, but it gives clear answers and hope for kids who are dealing with this stuff.”

At this time, Maui is discouraging too many organizations and volunteers from coming and overwhelming the island. Instead, CEF wants to empower local Maui believers to be the hands and feet of Christ with these booklets.

“What we’ve offered is to purchase and ship those [booklets] to individuals and churches that have the manpower or the ability to connect with people who are directly affected by this,” says Walton.

Please pray for the children of Maui – and all Hawaiians – to fix their eyes on Jesus for comfort and hope.

Walton asks, “Pray that God opens doors for hope conversations about the Gospel for those that don’t know about Jesus. For those in those communities that God put there long before this ever happened, give them opportunity to share the light and the hope that comes from only having a faith in Jesus Christ.”

You can support CEF’s ministry here and have an eternal impact in Maui.








Header photo courtesy of wildfire devastation in Maui. (Photo courtesy of Hawaii National Guard/Flick: https://rb.gy/miqwz)